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May 13,2017

Field status for May 13 games will be updated by 7 am  Watch this site or call David Kemp at 865-660-4647.. 7 a.m. update is that the fields are open. Very playable. Not a puddle in sight. Parking lot by the tennis courts is a mess. You might want to park in the gravel lot to the r...  [+]

May 13,2017

Our game fields are open today.  Not a puddle in sight. The college did not mow. The parking lot by the tennis court is very messy. Please consider parking in the gravel lot to the right.  [+]

May 06,2017

Field status for May 6 games will be updated by 7 am  Soccer is an outdoor sport so we can play in the rain if we want, but if the fields are unplayable or dangerous due to standing water we will close. We will inspect at around 7 in the morning. We will update this site and also ...  [+]

Feb 26,2017

Does Open Registration Ever End?  Yes and No. We have closed some divisions and are filling teams in others. We will maintain a waiting list so by all means get in touch! Click the + sign for calendar information.  [+]

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We are committed to providing a safe and engaging environment in which kids can learn and enjoy the game of soccer. AYSO is an All Volunteer Organization. We would love to have you as a volunteer! We are always looking for youth and adults to volunteer their time and talents. If you can help, please call or text t...